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Dresses inspiration

Hello everyone! This week I’ve prepared a post inspired in dresses. This post is quite different to what you are used to. However I think you would like it, and I am waiting for your opinion at the end of the post in comments.
If you follow my blog since a long time, as you can realize, I love dresses and I really enjoy wearing it. I end up buying one every season!

In my opinion this type of cloth could show everyone how my personality is. Moreover, if you make a good buy of a dress I think that you can us the clothe in all of year!
If you have a great combination with a dress you can get a lot of different outfits. For example I have only one little black dress, but is an item of clothing that I use the most. I use from go to the disco or some parties with a heels, I use in summer with sandals, in fall or spring with sandals or shoes and a sweater, in winter with stocking, sweater, coat, boots and beanies.  Dresses is a necessary clothe in your wardrobe!!!

The other day I was looking in the Internet for the web promtimes.co.uk and I thought… Is a great website for put the examples about dresses because you can find all of type of dresses.

Finally if you are interested in a dress of the photos, some of them you can find them HERE. Moreover this web that I showed you today offers a huge collection of every type of dress. For example they sell wedding dresses too, so click HERE if you want to check them out. Lots of love xx

Some photos are from my Blog, We Heart It and a really cute Web (I leave you the link HERE).

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  1. Yo también soy muy fan de los vestidos! Me ha encantado tu selección :D

    Besos y feliz semana mi ChicAdicta!


Thank you for your comment. I hope you come back soon. Sincerely, NunuBoboMama.

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